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Diabetes Fitness Pro

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Diabetes Fitness(NO Advertisements) – This is the only live application which provides workout routines for Diabetic Users. This app will allow you to achieve great results, within a short period of time with the ability to track your glucose levels in different units and compare. This App allows you to create your own program that will fit your needs. The content of the application is especially designed to suit the need of Diabetic Users Body which won’t harm the user in any way. In addition, Diabetes Fitness is an extensive database of exercises for every muscle, with a detailed description for each exercise. Plan to burn fat, lose weight, get relaxed and relieve stress? This fitness app facilitates the most convenient exercises and not only nourishes your health but also spares you all the tiresome workouts and helps you achieve your fitness goals. Why pay for expensive instructors when you can do it yourself?By choosing Diabetes Fitness app for your workouts you get: - A list of the most effective workouts for every muscle group especially for Diabetics to control Diabetes. - Track Diabetes by adding your daily glucose levels with description about the entry and saving the time of the entry. - A Graphical View of the glucose level entries which helps to compare with the previous entries. -Yoga exercises for every muscle group especially for Diabetics to control Diabetes. - Yoga fitness guards your health every day. - Exercise database with new exercises added after each update. - Exercises come with illustrations of the trained muscles. - With this app you can keep up with your practice at your own pace and schedule in the comforts of your own home. - You can pick category wise poses at your convenience. - Proper description and even videos are also available through internet connection. - A much required Time Table for Diabetics which will guide you and helps the users manage the frequency of exercise and make a successful routine. - More than 100 exercises. - Animation for each exercise. - Brief description of each exercise. - Set your workout routine. - Calculate your BMI. - No internet required to do the workouts. - User-friendly interface. - English interface. - Best usability and design on the Play Store among competitors! You won’t be disappointed when you train hard with Diabetes Fitness. Join more than 1000 people who have downloaded this app in such a short span of time to help achieve your own fitness goals. This app is free; we only ask you for your positive rating so that more people know the app and we can keep improving it. We hope you like it!! *** Why upgrade Diabetes Fitness Pro? *** #1 Ad-Free Workouts #2 LAST BUT NOT LEAST: To show your love for Diabetes Fitness!!!Follow us on:- Facebook: fitness.applicationsPlease share your feedback at